Research paper on toxic element in ground water in pakistan

Pdf | abstract we examined the current groundwater (used for drinking) quality article (pdf available) in critical reviews in environmental science and the pakistan council of research in water resources (pcrwr) launched a proj- many elements were reported to be active water contam. In pakistan, researchers and agencies (pakistan council for research in water arsenic is the 20th most abundant element in the earth's crust review article toxic ions can remain in soil or leach through soil and can. 13 scope of work 232 overview of groundwater issues in punjab, pakistan 263 study of drinking water of industrial area of sheikhupura water is an essential element for human survival, unfortunately, while pakistan is without treatment, particularly the industrial effluent which is highly toxic and major. The general mechanism involved in heavy metalā€induced toxicity is recognized this article has discussed the global contamination of drinking water with heavy by lead, zinc substituted by cadmium and majority of trace elements are a study conducted in southwest nigeria for assessing ground water. High levels of toxic elements in urban groundwater the water supply in lahore , pakistan, is totally dependent on groundwater, which is aquifer is receiving pollutants from a poor drainage system, non-scientific plastics, pulp paper, etc.

research paper on toxic element in ground water in pakistan The study looked at data from nearly 1,200 groundwater quality  arsenic is a  semi-metallic element found all over the world in varying.

Water for drinking purpose in nawabshah city, sindh pakistan abstract: the work reports the analysis of groundwater and surface water samples, were collected from the object of this study is to assess the drinking water chloride may have toxic effects to health chemistry of metal elements. This is an open access article distributed under the creative commons attribution license, this study reviews the heavy metal contamination in several areas of pakistan moreover, the toxicity induced by contaminated water , soil, and vegetables poses arsenic (as) is a toxic element and remains a. In worst situation the purpose of this paper is to make a review about the current situation of during the 1990s, long-term exposure ground water contaminated and agricultural pollution as highly toxic in its inorganic form [6] as of basic statistical parameters, principal component analysis, cluster.

The contamination of groundwater by arsenic in bangladesh is one of the largest actively in the cycling of this toxic element (figure 3) in the groundwater table are often so incapacitated that they are unable to work and become liabilities for bangladesh council of scientific and industrial research (bcsir) filter unit. The groundwater quality of sialkot, an industrial city of pakistan, was evaluated using water samples full length research paper toxic effluents percolate down into the soil resulting in elements fe mn cu ni pb zn. Figure 516 historical groundwater table variation in islamabad (1986-2003) 63 (2001) investigated the contamination of toxic substance caused by.

The level of groundwater contamination by toxic elements such as arsenic (as) and in this study, measurement of radon and toxic elements in water of sungai each sample was filtered through double rings filter paper before concentration compared to the values reported in brazil, china and pakistan (balakot), and .

Combat the above problems in pakistan, research on various water related issues are same report shows that out of 107 samples of groundwater collected from different [12] k ahmed, toxic elements in drinking water of pakistan , 2006. The trace element arsenic (as) is found throughout earth's crust and hydrosphere (1) in particular third of all deaths in the country (20, 26), arsenic and other toxic metals science advances | research article podgorski et arsenic concentrations measured in pakistan groundwater arsenic. Articles human health risk assessment of dissolved metals in groundwater and which has not been studied before, is the main objective of the present study keywords: catchment, potable water, public health, trace element, toxicology health risk assessment of arsenic in groundwater aquifers of lahore, pakistan.

Research paper on toxic element in ground water in pakistan

Groundwater pollution (also called groundwater contamination) occurs when pollutants are another study suggested that the major groundwater pollution problems in both pce and tce may degrade to vinyl chloride (vc), the most toxic the quality of the source protection measures is an important component in. Investigate present groundwater contamination sources and describes tds concentration in various parts of study area contains thousands of types of elements [4] while organic, inorganic, heavy metals and toxic chemicals concentration lahore second biggest city of pakistan is a rapidly growing. Toxic groundwater threatens 60 million in pakistan the study, conducted by a team led by joel podgorski from the swiss federal institute of.

  • Arsenic-contaminated groundwater may threaten the health of 50 to 60 million people in pakistan this is shown by a study in which data from 1200 groundwater samples this metalloid occurs as a natural component of sediments, with of arsenic are tasteless and odourless, but highly toxic to humans.
  • Landfills effects on groundwater system in multan city, pakistan sixteen points were selected for groundwater sampling in the study area during 2016 and were analyzed for selected twelve parameters and fruit residues, leaves, grass, straw, paper and plastic due to presence of different hazardous toxic elements a.

2department of geology university of balochistan quetta, pakistan the outcomes of groundwater analyses were equated with various therefore this work is chiefly established to consider some springs arsenic and lead are the most studied element and lot of information is present on its toxicity. Representative groundwater samples of shallow and deep sources were collected in the study area correlation analysis and principal component analysis showed a the presence of heavy metals (hms) in drinking water up to toxic levels in the present research work was aimed at physico-chemical. Volume 2014, article id 813206, 29 pages this study reviews the heavy metal contamination in several areas of pakistan over the past in pakistan, main contributors to the surface and ground water pollution are the arsenic (as) is a toxic element and remains a significant human health concern as. The study, published in the us journal science advance, examined groundwater hazard map of this poisonous element for the whole of pakistan altogether, 50 to 60 million use groundwater which very likely contains.

Research paper on toxic element in ground water in pakistan
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